TV Menus For Your Beverage Selection

TV Menus display your current beer list in a sleek, customized, easy-to-update format. Just update your listing from a computer or phone and your menu instantly updates.

To update, just start typing the name of the beer you want to add—all product info gets auto-filled on your menu (ABV, description, style, location). 

Read on to learn how TV Menus work.

👉 Want to give it a try? Take BeerMenus TV Menus for a free 14-day test drive.

How it works

Your TV Menu operates through Fire TV. Simply purchase a Fire TV Stick Lite (or use a Fire device you already have), plug it into your TV, download the BeerMenus TV Menus app from the Fire TV store, and run your menu.

Setup generally takes under 10 minutes—it’s pretty much just plugging your device into the TV, connecting to internet, and downloading the BeerMenus Fire TV app. (Here’s a detailed setup step-by-step.)

Once you’re set up you never have to futz with hardware again—just update through your business page on BeerMenus and your TV Menu automatically updates.

Is it customizable?

Definitely. We can match the look and feel of your business by using any colors you’d like, using your fonts, uploading your logo, etc.

Check out a bunch of recent examples at the bottom of this article.

Unlike with other TV Menu services, BeerMenus doesn’t limit you to a limited number of templates. You can design your own menu from scratch, or else take advantage of our professional graphic design team for no additional charge.

Note: If you’d like us to draw up an example menu to show you what your menu could look like, please just email or call/text 347-927-1574. We’d love to help you create an awesome, easy-to-manage TV Menu for your business. 

And here's a list of the ways you can customize your menu:

  • Choose how many beers are displayed on each screen. If you have a larger TV, you can choose to display up to 60 beers on each screen.
  • Display beers horizontally or vertically.
  • Display full page specials.
  • Color code beers based on beer style.
  • Color code beers based on custom categories
  • Add custom icons for each beer style.
  • Choose transition times.
  • Add beer colors (SRMs).
  • Customize the font and font size

Can I advertise specials?

Yes. You can do this two ways:

  1. Rich text (shows up as text, with the same fonts, colors, etc. as your menu)
  2. Full-screen images (examples)

Can I do a portrait (vertical) orientation?

Yes. That's just a simple setting.

Here's a vertical design we recently made:

How much does it cost?

$49/month or $499 per year. That includes full graphic design help, customer support, and 100% legit money back guarantee (i.e., we’re not just saying that—if you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back).

We often run discounts. To see if there’s one going on now please just email or call/text 347-927-1574.

Not included in price: TV and Fire TV Stick Lite (~$20-$30, though Amazon often runs discounts on it).

Can I show list other items on it? Or just beer?

You can show whatever you’d like on your TV Menu: beer, wine, food, spirits,’s your TV Menu, you can put whatever you’d like on it. 

Unlike other providers, we don't limit our non-beer items.

How can I get started?

I don't yet have a page for my business on

👉 Start a free BeerMenus TV Menu trial here.If you already have a business page on

Head to your update menu page and click the TV Menus tab:

From there you'll be able to create a new TV Menu design (if you have access), start a free 14-day trial, or else upgrade to gain access.

If you have any questions, please just email or call/text 347-927-1574.

Example TV Menu Designs

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