New! Promote Multiple Specials and Events on Your TV Menu

You can easily upload full screen images to promote specials, happy hours, upcoming events, food menus, etc, on your TV Menu.

Image specs

Horizontal: 1920x1080 pixels
Starter file

Vertical: 1080x1920 pixels
Starter file

If you don't have an image to upload you can type text to appear on your specials screen.

Now specials for your TV Menu will appear in a section like the one highlighted below.

From this menu you can:

  • Turn on or off existing specials
  • Add new specials
  • Set the order of specials that are appearing
  • Change the placement of specials
  • Set the time that specials will appea

By clicking add special you will get the following menu:

From here you should name your special something distinct, then you can enter the text or upload the image you want to see displayed on the tv.

When you have multiple specials you can reorder them by clicking and dragging the highlighted button below.

Once your specials are implemented and selected you can dictate how they appear in the menu below.

You have three options for specials placement

  1. End of Menu
    1. This will stack any specials that are turned on at the end of your screen rotation in the order that you've set them.
  2. After Every Menu Section
    1. This will make your specials appear in between menu sections e.g. Draft, Special, Bottles, Special, Cans, Special.
  3. After Every Menu Screen
    1. This will make your specials appear after every individual screen e.g. Drafts 1-15, Special, Drafts 16-30, Special, Bottles 1-15, Special, Bottles 16-30, Special.

Finally the timing of the specials can be set independent of your beers, if you'd like them to appear longer or shorter than your beers. Click into the Rotate Every Specials drop down and select time. 

Examples Images:

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