Updating Your Menu to Bring In Followers

Once you get your  BeerMenus page up and running and get some followers, you will want to update your menu at the best time to get the largest percentage of your followers in the store.

Followers get notifications one of two ways:

  • an instant email or push notification
  • a daily email with a list of all updates for beers and businesses that person follows

Instant Notifications

Users can sign up to follow your beers with instant email notifications on the siteor for Android and iOS app users, push notifications on their phones.

Tips for success with instant notifications:

  • Think about the time of day you want to bring people in your business, especially when updating rare and limited edition releases. 
  • Talk to your employees about updating when beers sell out as well as when they arrive on tap/shelf. If you only have a few bottles of something, you could even leave it off the menu as a special reward for your dedicated customers who are already in your business.
  • Encourage your regular customers to use instant notifications to be the first to know about new beers you get.

Daily Emails

Daily email digests are sent out every day over a two hour period starting at about noon EST. These emails contain every beer added over the past 24 hours that is still live on a menu.

Tips for success with emails:

  • Train your staff to double check the menu at the beginning of the day or end of the day to avoid sold out beers going out in the emails.
  • Have your staff emphasize the instant notification option to regular customers if they feel like they are missing out on limited release items.

In both cases,  updating your menu at the start of the day will get you the most exposure. This sends the instant notifications out earlier, when a craft beer lover is still planning their evening. It gets your beers into the daily digest the same day. Also, for people searching on the site or app, your recently updated menu will appear first. It also give the customer confidence in the accuracy of your menu when they see it was updated today.

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