Get More Followers on BeerMenus

When you add a new beer to your page on BeerMenus, it automatically emails your followers telling them about the new beer you now have. Think of it as an email blast for new beer updates.

These emails and push notifications are a great way to stay in touch with customers in between visits and each new beer you add to your page on BeerMenus becomes a way to tempt customers to come back.

A Few Ideas To Get More Followers

Email us at if you would like to receive a sticker pack. Reach out with the subject line: STICKERS

Stickers- place these in the front window, cooler doors, or by the register.

Cards- place these in check holders, or have your staff hand them to customers who are interested in your beer selection.

Table tents- place these on tables, on the bar, or at the counter by the register.

Use Social Media


Update your status on Facebook with a post that says 

"Our beer selection is always changing. Never miss out when we get your favorite beers! Follow us on BeerMenus to get notified each time we get a new beer:"


Send out regular tweets that say 

"Our beer selection is always changing! Follow us on @BeerMenus to get notified each time we get a new beer:"

Build Your Own Signage

Download a high res version of the BeerMenus logo to get creative and make your own signage. Here are some examples!

Digital Displays

Upload this attention-grabbing graphic to your digital display to encourage customers inside your business to follow you while sipping on a beer !  Download 1920x1080 pixel version here


Cooler Signage

QR Codes

Customers can scan the QR code on these coasters to go directly to your page on BeerMenus where they can follow you on their phones. Email to request a QR code for your business.

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