How To Use Tap Numbers

Turn On Tap Numbers

1. On My Businesses go to "Edit business info and settings" and check "Use tap numbers for On Tap and Growler menu sections."

2. Click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

Using Tap Numbers

Go to the "Update Menu" page and you will see all beers in the On Tap and Growlers sections are now numbered.

Mouse over the icons on the left side of each beer to drag and drop beers.  You can rearrange the beers in any order you like to adjust the tap number for each beer. When you need to change the beer on a specific tap you can scroll down to the beer and click "Edit" on the far right side beer. 

Tap numbers will be displayed on your

  • BeerMenus desktop and mobile pages
  • Print menu
  • Facebook tab
  • TV display


BeerMenus page

Print Menu

Facebook tab

TV Display

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