How To Add Cider And Wine To Your Menu

You can now manage your cider and wine selection on BeerMenus.


You can add any cider to your menu the same way you would add a beer.

  • Bottles and cans: will automatically be grouped in the Cider menu section.  
  • Draft: will show in the draft menu section to allow you to manage all of your draft products in one place.

To add wine to your menu, type in the name of the wine you have and click "Add Beer." If the wine is already in our database, it will show up in the auto-complete suggestions and you can select it.


If the wine is not already in our database, you can ignore the auto-complete suggestions, type in the name of the wine, and click "Beer not listed? Add it here."

Be sure to select either "White Wine" or "Red Wine" from the style drop down box.

If a wine or cider you add to your menu is showing up in the "Beer" section, you can add it to the correct section by editing the style in the custom beer description section:

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