How to effectively use multiple print menus (e.g. beer, wine, food)

( Note: This help doc references our brand new print menu, so if the images below don’t look like your menu or menu settings pages, it’s not an error—the menu is still in it’s testing phase and not everyone has automatic access yet. However, if you’d like access to the new menu, just schedule a call with our support team and we’ll get you all squared away.)

Since you can list all your menu items (including other beverages and food) on BeerMenus, you can now use BeerMenus to create all the print menus you need for your business. 

You can now create all these menus on BeerMenus:

  • Beer (duh)
  • Wine
  • Cocktails
  • Spirits
  • Custom
    • food
    • swag
    • anything else you’ve got

And, of course, you can create any combination of these menus that you like, e.g.:

  • Beer and wine menu
  • Cocktails and spirits menu
  • Bottled/canned beer and wines menu
  • Etc.

Once you create multiple print menus, you can update and print only the one you need (e.g. your beer menu) without having to print other menus which may not change as often (e.g. wine menu, cocktail menu, etc.)

Note: If you want to skip the work and have us create your menu, then just schedule a print menu consult or contact our support team by emailing or calling/texting 347-927-1574. We’re more than happy to take care of it. 😄

Creating Multiple menus

Note 1: For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to show you how to create a single new menu: one that includes wine and cocktails. However, keep in mind that you can use the same steps to create all your menus—just repeat the steps in order and you’ll be good to go!

Step 1: Add your menu items
In order to create your menu, your menu items need to be listed on BeerMenus. You’ll do this on your BeerMenus update menu page. Doing so is pretty intuitive, but if you need some pointers just head over to this help doc

Step 2: Access print menus
Once you’ve added your menu items to your BeerMenus page, you need to create a new print menu. You can do this by clicking the "Print Menus"  tab at the top of your update menu page.

Step 3: Create a new print profile

On the top right hand side click the blue "+ New Print Menu" button to create a brandnew profile

Step 4: Name your menu
If you're making more than one menu, it's important to name your menu—it'll help you keep your various menus separate and organized.

Name your menu by typing the menu name into the first field at the top of the left-hand sidebar. It’s easiest to just name the menu for what’s included (in this case, “Wine & Cocktails“).

Step 4: Select your theme
Click the “ Theme” panel to expand it.

Here you can choose from one of our five themes to get your menu rolling. Each theme uses distinct styling and fonts, and if you’d prefer other fonts you can select them from the various dropdown menus within the “ Customize“ panel. 

Step 5: Select menu sections you want to include
Scroll down to the “ Content” panel and click to expand. Select the menu sections you want to include (in this case “White wine,” “Red wine,“ ”Rosé wine,“ and ”Cocktails“).

Step 6: Adjust sizing and spacing
Once you hit save in step 5, your first accurate menu preview will load on the right size of the screen. You’re almost there!

At this point you’ll probably want to adjust sizing and spacing in order to more neatly fit your menu content onto 1 or 2 pages.

To quickly adjust spacing and font size, click the “ Structure” panel. Scroll to the “Spacing” header and select either “Comfortable,” “Cozy,” or “Compact.” 

If you want to stretch your menu item content so that it fills up a page, use “Comfortable.” If you want try and squeeze more onto a page, it’s likely that you’ll want to use “Compact.” “Cozy” is middle of the road.

Select the one that makes sense for you and hit “Save and preview.”

If the size still isn’t right, you can continue to adjust font sizes up or down by clicking the “ Customize” panel and then increasing/decreasing the individual font sizes for the different parts of your menu.

For tips on font sizing, as well as more general tips on fitting your menu item to a certain number of pages, check out this help doc.

Step 7: Print!

At this point you’re ready to print your menu. To do that, click the “Print” button in the lower left corner and follow your computer’s directions. 

Now that you’ve created a separate menu for your wine and cocktails and named it as such, you can just go in and print that menu when you need it without having to reprint any of your other menus (e.g. beer, etc.):

As mentioned above, you can create menus for any of your menu items—spirits, food, bottles and cans, etc.

Importantly, this is a basic how-to—there are a bunch more advanced things you can do to spiff up your menu even more. Check out these help docs to see what else you can do:

Of course, if there’s anything you want to do with your menu that you can’t figure out (or if you just want us to take care of design for you!), just schedule a menu consult or send us a message. Mostly anything is possible, and we’re always happy to solve a new problem or take on a new challenge!

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