How to customize your print menu header

So your menu content is basically set—you’ve added your menu items, you’ve included the right sections, and you've got your menu sized correctly. The last step is to add a custom header.

The good news is it’s easy, and goes a very long way to make your menu feel more like an essential part of your business.

Want us to design your custom header for free? Schedule a 5-minute print menu design consult.

Why should I add a custom header to my print menu?

Adding a custom header is perhaps the biggest step you can take to customize your menu to the look and feel of your business.

Custom headers can add a splash of color to your menu, include your logo, and message specials or other items, like your social media handles, happy hour specials, flights, etc.

Here are a couple custom header examples. Use these to get your wheels turning on the kind of menu banner you’d like to use at your business:

Message your happy hour:

Create a special banner for an event at your business:

Include social media handles:

Check out more custom header examples at the bottom of this page. 👇

Adding a custom header: two routes

Route 1: Have a BeerMenus designer create your custom header

If you don’t have the right software, the right people, the time, or just want to leave design work to designers, we can design your custom header for you—we’ll take care of it at no cost to you.

Just schedule a short menu design consultation by clicking here.

You’ll hop on the phone with a BeerMenus designer for 3-5 minutes and we’ll talk about what you want your custom header to look like and include (e.g. logo, social media handles, etc.). We’ll finish the custom header the next day, upload it to your menu so you can see how it looks, and let you know when it’s ready to review.

During the call, we can also answer any other questions you have about BeerMenus—we’re more than happy to help!

Also, this isn’t a one-and-done deal; if you see the custom header and it doesn’t quite feel right, we’ll make updates until you’re completely satisfied with its look and feel.  

Route 2: Make your custom header yourself

Note: If you don't have a graphic designer, we highly recommend that you take route 1. It'll save you a ton of time and headaches. And hey—it's free anyway!

However, if you still want to create your own custom header, directions are below. 

Before you start digging in, you’ll need a few things: basic design software (you're likely going to have to pay for one that works—GIMP is an option, but it's hard to work with) and the raw materials you want to include (e.g. logo, any additional copy you’d like to include, etc.).

Once you've got all that together, you can get started. Here are the steps you can take to make and upload your own custom header:

Step 1: Create a blank slate image file with the right dimensions. In order to seamlessly fit within the menu header, start with a blank slate that’s 200x2228 pixels. 

Step 2: Design your header. Add your logo, color, a border, and anything else you’d like to include (e.g. happy hour specials, “Ask about our flights!” etc.).

Step 3: Save your design. Importantly, make sure your design is saved as a jpg, jpeg, or png—any other image file won’t upload correctly. Also, be sure that your image file doesn't exceed 3MB.

Step 4: Navigate to your print menu settings page.

Step 5: Click the “Content” tab and scroll to the "Logo or header graphic" section. Click "Choose File," and once you do your menu preview will automatically update with your new custom header.

The biggest challenge you’ll face when taking the DIY route is design software and design expertise. If you have a graphic designer, just send them a link to this help doc and they’ll be able to take it from there.

However, that can get expensive or result in a longer delay than you’d like. That’s why we recommend you just ask us to design your custom header—it’s free, and we’ll have it back to you by the next business day, if not earlier. Just schedule a short menu design consultation by clicking here

Do I have to upload a custom header?

Of course not! If you’re looking for a cleaner, simpler look, you can certainly just use a basic text header. That’s the default anyway.

By default, the text of your menu header will be your business name. You can edit that (editing it to the beverage type on the menu, e.g. “Beer” or “Wine” is quite popular) on your print menu settings page. 

You can also adjust the font used in your header. This allows you to match the font to a commonly used font at your business. (You can adjust the font for any of your menu sections in your menu settings—to learn more about that, read this help doc).

To adjust your header font head to your print menu settings page. Click the “Customize” tab, and adjust the font in the “Header” dropdown. Select the font you want, click “Save and preview,” and you’ll see the updated font reflected. You can also adjust font size here if you’d like to reduce the space your header takes up. 

Note: If you don’t see the font you’re looking for, we can certainly add it for you in just a few minutes—just schedule a print menu consultation!

More Menu banner examples

Here are a few more menu banner examples:

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