Flat Screen Frames

Digital displays have a number of advantages over the traditional chalkboard, which is why they're starting to pop up at more and more businesses that sell craft beer. They're attention grabbing, easier to read, automatically updated, and cut down on the number of print menus you have to print.

As TVs rapidly get thinner and less expensive, more and more businesses are framing them to get all of the advantages of digital displays combined with an aesthetic that can blend in with any concept or look.

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The most common frames are plain wood with plain colors that primarily make the TV blend in. Sports bars often use stainless steel frames and old school or old timey places often use reclaimed wood frames.

Here are some of the best options for framing a flat screen TV. Whether you're going to make one yourself or place an order on Etsy, all of these options include lots of customization options and can be fitted to any TV size.


All Things Thrifty has put together instructions for building a flat screen frame for approximately $25.



Etsy has several sellers that make flat screen frames and will create custom orders with custom materials, colors, and sizes.

UptownArtsGranburyTX also has several flat screen frames including this design.


ReclaimedState created this design using reclaimed wood.


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