What TV To Purchase For A Digital Display

We've researched and tested TVs for years and put together this guide so you don't have to spend hours researching the endless options out there for TVs and wall mounts.

We recommend BestBuy because they make it easy to return TVs if you change your mind about the size, and they also provide free shipping to your own address, or to your local store if it's easier to pick up there.

We recommend the TVs below because we've tested them and found them to perform well. They are also the best priced options that do not include any unnecessary features like UltraHD, 4k, or any 'smart' features.

Right now the sweet spot for bang-for-buck are TVs that are ~48," which can typically be found for ~$350. TVs above 48” get more expensive quickly and TVs that are smaller aren't much cheaper, if at all.

The sizes below are suggested and are not hard-and-fast rules. To better understand the best setup for your location, we strongly recommend giving our team a call at 347-927-1574 or  scheduling a time to talk.

8-16 Beers Per Screen

TV: we recommend Vizio 43" 1080 LED.

Wall Mount: we recommend VideoSecu TV Wall Mount - 22"-55".

16-26 Beers Per Screen

TV: we recommend Vizio 48" 1080 LED
Wall Mount: we recommend VideoSecu TV Wall Mount - 37"-70"

26+ Beers Per Screen

TV: we recommend Vizio 60" 1080 LED
Wall Mount: we recommend VideoSecu TV Wall Mount - 37"-70"

Preview Your Beer Selection In A Digital Beer Menu Template

  1. Input your business name and address.
  2. Add beers you have.
  3. Head to the 'Customize Digital Display' previewer screen to use the self-serve interface to select templates, fonts, upload logos, and upload specials.

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