Connecting BeerMenus to GoDaddy Website Builder

Updating your beer menu on your own website is one extra step that you'll inevitably forget to do at some point when things get busy. When this happens you'll have customers coming in expecting beers they saw on your website that you no longer have.

Avoid this disappointment and eliminate the step of updating the beer section of your own website by syncing your BeerMenus page with your GoDaddy website.

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Don't have a BeerMenus page yet?   Create one here

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Connecting BeerMenus to GoDaddy Website Builder

Once logged into BeerMenus, go to and click "Update Menu" then click "Automatically update your beer selection on your website" in the Jump Start Checklist on the left

Scroll down and copy the snippet of code (sample below).

Go to the page on your GoDaddy site where you'd like to display your beer menu, and click the "HTML Code" box on the left side. 

Click inside the blue HTML box and select "Settings" in the white dialogue box that appears.

A black box will appear under the "HTML Code Settings" tab. Select All, then paste your code in the box and hit the green "Save" button.

Your BeerMenu will appear inside the blue HTML box. Resize the box so you can see the entire menu and position it the way you want it to display in the page.

Once you're done positioning the Beer Menu, click the green "Publish" button in the upper right corner.

Now your beer menu will show up on your GoDaddy Website Builder site synced up with your BeerMenus page and you will never have to update the beer section of your GoDaddy site again.

Note: Make sure you click the 'Save' icon in the black header before navigating away from your GoDaddy website or you will lose all updates.

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