How to use custom fonts on your TV Menu and/or Print Menu

If you'd like to use custom fonts on your TV and/or Print Menu, you just need to send them to us so that we can upload them into our system. Click here to send us your font files. You'll need to attach either a . otf or .ttf file to the message. These are the standard file formats for fonts.
You could also send an email to
Once we receive your fonts we'll confirm receipt and upload them within one business day.
Once uploaded, your font(s) will be available in the font drop-downs on your TV Menu and Print Menu settings pages, meaning you can apply them to whichever menu elements you'd like (e.g. header, item name, etc.)
Here's how that looks on TV Menus:

And on Print Menus:

What if I don't have the font files? 
We need to have the files in order to add a font to our system for you to use. 
If you can't track them down, It's possible there's an open source (i.e. free) close approximation of the font you're looking for, so just send us a message with the name of the font you'd like to use and we can check if that's the case.  
Is there a limit to how many custom fonts I can use?
Will everybody have access to my custom fonts?
No, they'll only be available to you.
I'm a multi-location/chain, and I'd like to apply custom fonts to several locations. Is that possible?
Yes! All you need to do is send over the font files. We'll make sure they're available at all the locations you'd like. 

Here's a recent example of a TV Menu with custom fonts:

And [part of] a Print Menu with custom fonts:

If you'd like a hand with your menu design, remember that  full menu design is included in your subscription or trial period, so please just schedule a call with a designer to discuss the menu design you're looking for. We almost always turn around custom designs in 1-2 business days. 

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