How To Create a QR Menu

BeerMenus offers Touchless QR Menus to help customers feel safe and order quickly.

Beer Menu Setup: If you haven't already,  add your business to BeerMenus and add the beers you currently have.

Go to your public page and select  Update Menu.

From the Update Menu page select QR Menu.

The top of your QR Menu page will have instructions and three separate options for which template to print out for your physical QR code. We will delve further into that once we have created and customized your menu.

Scroll down to QR Menu settings. As always we offer free customizations for your menu design. 

You can add a Header Logo to your QR Menu here that will replace your Header Text by clicking Choose File.

Don't forget to click  Save, in the bottom right hand corner of the page, after making changes.

If you prefer text you can change your Header and Subheader Text here.Want to do CSS Customizations yourself? If you know HTML. you can enter it under Additive here.

Now that we have our QR Menu customized to our liking we are ready to print!

You can choose from three different options to print your QR code. Instructional, which instructs customers to scan QR code. Medium sized; use one per table or one per seat. Educational, which teaches customers how to use QR codes. Large sized; use one per table or in open spaces. And Basic, which is just the QR code, used to design your own custom QR code graphics. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or text  347-927-1574 or email

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