How To Create a TV Beer Menu

BeerMenus offers several TV menu layouts and designs that automatically organize your menu by serving type and beer style and automatically fill in the beer description, ABV, and beer style for each beer you have. Below are details about all of the customizations available.

Beer Menu Setup: If you haven't already,  add your business to BeerMenus and add the beers you currently have.

Go to your public page and select Update Menu.

From the Update Menu page select TV Menus.

To create a new menu select + New TV menu. You can create as many profiles as you wish to suit your needs. For instance, you could create a menu that features all of your wines and cocktails and have another that features just your tap list.

Theme: This is where you can choose the from several pre made themes. We offer Simple, Chalkboard, Weathered Paper, Rustic and Arcade. 

Remember to click Save, in the bottom left hand corner, after every change you make.

We at Beer Menus are also more than happy to help come up with a totally custom menu design. All you have to do is schedule a call with us! Here are some examples.

Structure: Structure is where you change the structure of your TV Menu. Here you can change  Menu Items Per Screen, Orientation, Columns, Breaks Between Menu Sections, Menu Section Headers, Sort Options, Alignment, Menu Rotation and how often to rotate your Menu Screen.

Menu Items Per Screen: Here you can choose how many items will show on screen, per slide.  

Orientation: Here you can choose whether to have horizontal or vertical menu orientation.

Columns: Here you can choose how many columns your items will be organized into.

Breaks Between Menu Sections: If you have more than one menu section on a TV Menu, you can choose to start each menu section on a new screen.

Menu Section Headers: Here you can choose whether to display menu section headers or not.

Sort Options: You can choose to sort your menu alphabetically or by style.

Alignment for Size, Price, Serving Type: Here you can choose to align the size, price and serving type right or below your menu item.

Menu Rotation: You can choose to rotate your menu if your items don't fit onto one screen, and how often.

Content: Here you can pick and choose what content will be on you TV menu. You can decide which Info, Sections and whether to include a slide for Specials.

Info Options: You can choose whether or not to include Serving Type, Producer Location, Descriptions and IBU.

Menu Sections: Here you can choose which menu sections to include in your TV menu. You can also click and drag the sections to whichever order you prefer.

Special Slides: If you choose to have a slide for your specials you can create one here. As well as decide where it will show up in your cycle, and how often to rotate if you have more than one special slide.

You can choose to include " Built with BeerMenus" in the footer of your TV menu. You don't have to, but we'd sure appreciate it if you did!

Customize:This is where you can choose to add your own distinct personality to your menu. You can add a Header and a Footer, choose a Background Image or Watermark and change the Color and Font of the text.

Build Header/Footer: If you would like to incorporate a header footer into your menu, you start by clicking here.

Here you can choose from three separate spaces where your Image or Text will be.

Header with your uploaded image.

Footer with your uploaded image.

Background Image: You can upload a graphic (png, gif, jpg, or jpeg) to replace the theme's default background.

Background Watermark: Upload a graphic (png, gif, jpg, or jpeg). This graphic will appear as a watermark on top of the background image. 

Fonts: You can choose to change the size and color of your fonts here

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or text  347-927-1574 or email

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