My TV Menu "overflowed"—what does that mean and how can I fix it?

My TV Menu "overflowed"—what does that mean?

In almost every case your font sizes will automatically adjust given the settings you've selected (e.g. number of columns, number of items per screen, etc.) to fit the number of items you decide want to have per menu screen. 

However, in order to ensure readability, we needed to establish minimum font sizes. 

If you're receiving an error message that your TV Menu "overflowed," that means pretty much what it sounds like: given your settings and the established minimum font size, your menu can't fit the number of items per screen that you're telling it to. You need to update your settings to get it to fit. 

How can I fix it? Easiest solution

The easiest fix is to reduce the number of items you want to show per screen. You can find this setting within the "Structure" tab on your TV Menu Settings page. 

Navigate to the drop down, select a lower number that you currently have, then press "Save" at the bottom left of the screen. If that did the trick, you won't see the error anymore. If you still see the error, then continue reducing the number of items per page until you no longer receive the error. 

Here's what the "Menu items per screen" setting and dropdown look like:

Other ways to fix it

Another way to think about solving this error is that you need to more efficiently use space within your menu. There are a number of settings that can help with that. 

1. Increase the number of columns

If you're currently using 1 or 2 columns, increasing the columns to 2 or 3 can help you fit more items per page.

The "Columns" setting is in the "Structure" tab of your TV Menu settings page:

2. Remove your header or footer

Your header/footer can be an important part of your menu, but if it's more important for you to fit more items per screen than it is to have a header/footer, then you can remove them. 

To remove them, go to your TV Menu settings page and click the "Build header" and/or "Build footer" button:

Click the trash can icon wherever you have header/footer content, then click the "Save and close" button:

3. If you have product descriptions turned on, turn them off. 

Descriptions can take up a lot of space. If you have them enabled, switching them off can save a ton of space. But like with the other solutions in this section, that comes with a tradeoff: you won't have descriptions on your menu anymore. 

To turn descriptions off, find the "Info options" settings within the "Content" section of your TV Menu Settings page and uncheck the box next to "Show descriptions":

4. If you're grouping by style, disable that and sort by alphabetical order 

When you group by style you'll automatically include subheaders within your menu. Those subheaders are helpful for people to decide what they want to drink, but they take up a lot of space. 

To turn them off, find the "Sort options" setting in the "Structure" section of your TV Menu Settings page and select "Sort menu items alphabetically":

5. Adjust alignment for size, price, serving type

Find this setting within the "Structure" section of your TV Menu settings page and select whichever option you don't have selected. Depending on the rest of your settings, one or the other approach may help save space:

6. Remove "Built with BeerMenus" from the footer

This will help you save a tiny bit of space as well, though we'd be sad if you removed it. :(

The setting for removing this is within the "Content" section on your TV Menu settings page:

I tried all of this and I'm still getting the error. What else can I do?

We can definitely figure it out for you, so please reach out! 

Either send us an email or call/text 347-927-1574. 

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