Which Amazon Fire TV device should I buy?

Our hands-down recommendation is the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite


  • Extremely low cost: Normally it costs just $30, and Amazon regularly runs sales that bring the price down to an almost astonishingly low level (for example, at the time of writing it was just $18.99). 
  • Alexa voice control is built in. 


  • This Fire TV Stick doesn't have TV controls (meaning you have to use your TV remote to turn the TV on/off, to set the correct input, etc.), but this doesn't matter if your TV will be primarily used for your menu. 

Here are links to other Fire TV Stick options that would work just fine:

But keep in mind that the increased performance from these Fire TV Sticks doesn't really benefit you in the TV Menu use-case—they're intended to make streaming TV shows and movies a better experience, which you likely won't be doing. That's why we recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Frequently asked questions

How many Fire TV Sticks do I need?

You need one Fire TV Stick for each TV you want to display your menu on. So if you want to show your menu in both the bar and the dining room, you'd need 2 Fire TV Sticks, one for the bar TV and one for the dining room TV. 

I already have a Fire TV Stick. Do I need to buy a new one?

No. The Fire TV stick you have should work perfectly well. 

I have a TV with Amazon Fire TV built in. Do I need to purchase a Fire TV Stick?

No. As long as you can access the Fire TV app store, you can use your TV to run your TV Menus. 

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