Finding your TV Menu ID

Step 1: Click this link, which brings you to your My Businesses page.

If the link does not work, it means you are not logged in. If you need to log in, you can do so from that page.

Once you log in, click the Step 1 link again. 

Step 2a: If you're on your phone, tap the TV Menus link beneath the correct business:

Step 2b: If you're on desktop, click the TV Menus tile beneath the correct business:

Step 3: This brings you to your TV Menus tab, where your TV Menus are clearly laid out for you:

You can also navigate to your TV Menu ID at any time by heading over to your TV Menus tab.  Here's how to get there:

Step 1: Go to your Update Menu page (the page where you add/remove beers) and click the TV Menus tab:

Step 2: There's no step 3. Your TV Menu ID(s) will be visible on that page:

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