FAQs: payment processing with Stripe

What's Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor. It’s safe, secure, and used by millions of businesses.

Why do I need to set this up?

You need to process the transactions that come through your to-go sale on BeerMenus. You need an online payment processor to do that.

What if I don’t have a Stripe account?

You can easily set one up on your “Sell” tab:

When you click that, you’ll be brought to Stripe’s website, where you can create your Stripe account. It looks like this:

Just fill out the information on that form (it takes just a couple minutes).  

When you finish up with Stripe, you’ll be brought back to your BeerMenus page and we’ll automatically connect to your Stripe account. At that point you can start getting paid!

What information do I need to create a Stripe account?

Your basic business information (e.g. business name, address, etc.) as well as the bank account and routing number for your business so that you can get paid!

How long does it take to create and setup a Stripe account?

Just 2-3 minutes, provided you don’t have to go rummaging around for your bank account and routing number! 

How much does Stripe cost?

There’s no subscription or membership fee. Instead, Stripe collects a fee on each transaction it processes.

How much is the Stripe fee?

2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. The fees will get automatically taken out at the time of the transaction.

How long does it take to get my money?

Sales are totaled and begin making their way to your bank account daily. The first time Stripe delivers your money it takes 7 days from the date of your first transaction. After that 7 day period, the transactions from 2 business days ago hit your bank account each business day. 

Examples: transactions from Tuesday get to your bank account Thursday. Transactions from Thursday get to your bank account Monday. 

For a fee, Stripe does offer instant payouts.

I already have a Stripe account for my business. Do I need to set up a new one?

Nope! We can automatically connect to your existing Stripe account.

To do that, open up BeerMenus and navigate to your Sell tab (from the update menu page):

Once you're there, click "Set up payment processing with Stripe."

That will take you to Stripe's website. In the upper right hand corner of that page you'll see a small promo that says "Already have a Stripe account? Sign in." Click that: 

Once you sign in, we'll automatically connect to your Stripe account. 

I have more than one business. Can I use the same Stripe account for all my businesses?

Theoretically you can, but we don’t recommend it, since it will make it more difficult to track purchases and report on taxes. It’s generally a good rule to have a separate Stripe account for each of your businesses.

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