How-to: bulk move items to a different menu section

Using this capability to bulk move items to a different menu section can significantly reduce menu editing time, because you no longer have to move items one-by one. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to bulk moving your menu items.

Step 1: Visit your update menu page

Your update menu page is where you make all your menu updates. Bulk moving items to different menu sections is no different, so head there

Step 2: Select the items you wish to move

Scroll down to your menu. Just to the left of all your menu items you'll see checkboxes. Click that checkbox for each item you want to move:

Step 3: Click the "Move selected items" button

Above the very first item listed on your menu (just above the "Updated XX/XX/2019" text) you'll see a button that reads "Move selected items." Click it:

(👉 Important note: In order to bulk move items to a different menu section, that menu section must first exist. To create a new menu section, click the "Edit menu sections" button, which is right next to the "Move selected items" button.)

Once you do, a pop up (i.e. modal) will appear:

Step 4: Choose the menu section to which you'd like to move the selected items

Beneath the "Menu Section" header, you'll see a dropdown that reads "Select section to move items to different section...". Click that dropdown.

When you do, the dropdown will expand with a list of all your menu sections:

Select the menu section you'd like to move the menu items to. When you do, the dropdown will collapse and you'll see the menu section you selected in that field. Double check that's the right menu section, then click the blue "Move items" button:

And just like that you're done! Your menu items will be in their new menu section and you'll receive a confirmation message telling you the move was complete!

As always, if you have any questions about this or any other aspect of BeerMenus, please email or call/text us at 347-927-1574. Cheers!

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