How can I adjust the fonts on my print menu? What if the font I want to use isn’t available?

(Note: This help doc references our brand new print menu, so if the images below don’t look like your menu or menu settings pages, it’s not an error—the menu is still in it’s testing phase and not everyone has automatic access yet. However, if you’d like access to the new menu, just schedule a call with our support team and we’ll get you all squared away.)

You can adjust every font that appears on your print menu. This means you can apply the branding you need to each of piece of your menu:

  • Header 
  • Subheader 
  • Menu item name
  • Menu item information
  • Menu item description
  • Footer 

Here's how:

Step 1: From your update menu page, identify the menu for which you want to update your settings. Next to the menu name, click "Customize." 

Step 2: This takes you to your print menu design and settings page. Along the left side of the screen you'll see 4 panels. Click the Customize panel.

Step 3: The Customize panel will expand and you'll see the list of the fonts that are active on your print menu. Hone in on the piece of the menu you want to update, click into the dropdown menu and select the font you'd like to use. (It's pretty easy because the font you're looking for will be written in the actual font.)

Step 4: To update a font for a piece of your menu, just click the “font” dropdown next to the relevant menu piece. Select the font you’re looking for—it’s a pretty easy process, since in the dropdown the font names are written in the actual font. 

You can repeat step 4 for each font on your menu. 

What if the font I want isn't available in the dropdown?

There are a ton of fonts available for your menu, covering all of the most commonly used fonts. You'll likely find what you're looking for. 

Of course, there's a chance that you want to use a font that isn’t currently available in our database. If that’s the case, don’t worry: we can add your font for you!

To get a font added to the system, just send an email to with “add font” as the subject line. If it’s a custom font created for your business, please attach the font file. If not, just tell us the name of the font you’d like to add!

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