When should I use Available Now, Coming Soon, and Private Sections?

Available Now 

Use Available Now if the beer you’re adding is currently available to your customers. When you’re adding a beer, this is the default setting.

Coming Soon

Use Coming Soon to promote beers that aren’t available now, but will become available soon. This is a valuable tool to help drum up interest for those kegs you have in the fridge or those hot new cans you have on deck. FYI, Coming Soon beers are searchable on BeerMenus, so if you know what’s arriving soon, make sure you add it to your menu!


Use Private to “store” information about beers that aren’t currently available. For example, let’s say you just kicked a beer that you know will come back at some point. Enter/move that beer to the Private section to save the information, and when it’s once again available you can move it over to Available Now in just 2 clicks!

Wait, so what’s the difference between Coming Soon and Private?

The biggest difference between Coming Soon and Private is that “Coming Soon” is visible to the public, while the “Private Section” is an internal tool only visible to you.
You can select any of the three sections when initially entering a beer by clicking the box here:
Hot Tip
Want to move beers between sections? Easy.
Scroll to any individual beer on your menu and click the checkbox to the left of the beer name. Once you’ve selected the beers you want to move, you’ll see “Move selected beers to” at the top of your browser window. Click “Available now,” “Coming Soon,” or “Private” and your beers will move:

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