3 Steps to BeerMenus Liftoff

Get started with these 3 easy steps and you'll be well on your way to BeerMenus Liftoff!

1. Share your beers with the world!

One thing's certain: your local customers want to know what beer you've got. Add them ASAP! 

Here's what happens every time you add a beer to your page:

  • People follow beers on BeerMenus. With every beer you add, you send notifications to all local customers following that beer.
  • Local customers will see your full selection when they're deciding where to go.
  • You move to the top of Google search results for folks searching for any beers on your menu.
  • As you continue to update, locals will follow your business. When they do, they'll be notified every time you add a beer to your menu.

To add beers now, click here, click on the "Update Menu" tile, and then add your beers!

Here's a 20-second video to show you how to add beers:

( P.S.: At this point you're just two steps away from an outstanding Print Menu or Beer Board!)

2. Keep on Sharing Your Beers

The best way to use BeerMenus to bring in more locals? Make sure your selection on BeerMenus remains current. That means updating when your beer selection changes.

So, if you want to get the most out of BeerMenus, the buck stops with you: what's the updating policy going to be at your business? 

The easiest way to do this is to give the “keys” to more than one person. Add a co-worker!

To add a coworker now, click here, click on the "Co-workers" tile, then add your co-workers' emails. Done!

Here's a 20-second video to show you how to add a co-worker:

So you know: Co-workers have the ability to update your menu, print your menus, etc., but the page owner retains greater privileges.

3. Time for liftoff: Test drive a Pro Tool!

If you've made it this far you're doing great—you've got the basics of the page nailed to a T! 

That means it's time to take things to the next level: It's time to try a Pro Tool.

The beautiful thing is that this is a “choose your own adventure.” There's no sense trying everything—dive into the one you're most interested in.

To learn more about how each tool works, click the links below. We're here to help the whole way, so if you run into any questions, don't hesitate to schedule a call with our support team. 

Oh, and to be clear: Helping is all we're here to do—we'll never badger or oversell.

  • Print Menus
    • The menu your customers want, printable with one click.
  • Digital Beer Boards
    • Turn any TV into a sleek, always up-to-date menu featuring all your beverage types
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter Integration
    • Post to Facebook and Twitter about new beers, and install a full Beer List on yorur Facebook page.
  • Website Integration
    • Install a full, always-accurate beer list on your website

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