Setting Up and Using Custom Menu Sections

Through custom menu sections you can place your beverages in whatever category you want them in. Do you want to sort beers as local & not local? Perhaps by country? Do you need to name your own style categories? Or name your brewery of the month right at the top of the menu? These sections can do all that and more, the power ends only with your imagination. To get working with those sections you can head to the "Update Menu" page where you add and delete your beers.

The most important thing to note, before we get too deep into how these sections work, is that if you don't want to utilize them the system will automatically manage your menu sections. When you change the serving type for a beer, the menu section will adjust to on tap, bottles, cans etc. for you. Read on to learn how to use them to make our menus truly yours.

When you click into the Menu Sections box you'll see all the categories we built in. We've talked to plenty of businesses over the year, and drank beers at quite a few as well, and felt these were the most popular ways businesses typically categorize their beers. If you are looking to call out your featured beers, casks, local beers etc. you can simply select that category from this list. As well, we're now in full support of all wine styles and your cocktail program. Select the category and enter whatever you'd like to highlight just like you would a beer.

Selecting the last option on the drop down list " + Create New Section" will give you a text box to create the section that is truly your own; from countries of origin to Gage's Picks. Once you've created a new menu section it'll appear at the top of the list, select it and add a new beer, voila your new category is live.

Managing Menu Sections-Built In and Custom

Whether you've created new sections to utilize or you're simply using the built in menu sections, you now have the power to order them however you see fit. If you scroll down to the beer list, you'll see the "Manage or Reorder Menu Sections" button pictured below:

Clicking here will allow you to drag to reorder all the menu sections for BeerMenus online, your website, our apps, and Facebook(for print menus and TV menus you'll be able to change the order separately). As well, you can change the names and delete categories you no longer need.

When it comes specifically to print and digital menus, you want to head to the settings section for the specific profile you want to edit:

Print Menu Customizations

If you scroll to the bottom of the print profile settings, you'll find the different pieces we can now customize:

1)Click and drag to reorder the menu sections-only on this print menu profile

2)Turn a specific category on or off-only on this print menu profile

3)Show the serving type-this is good if you're combining serving types(bottles & draft) and want to give customers clarity.

TV Menu Customizations

Similar to print you can order the categories however you want them to appear and turn them on/off in the individual profile as needed:

Get Creative!

We introduced these custom menu sections to give the power to the businesses we work with to make their menus their own. If you need help setting up sections or have questions about the capabilities of custom menu sections shoot us an email at or use our live chat-found on every page!

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