Guide to Installing the BeerMenus Tab On Facebook

Here's a screencast that shows how to add a beer menu tab to your Facebook page.

Here are step-by-step instructions

On the 'Promote your beers on Facebook' page click 'Add Beer Menu Tab to Facebook Page.'

If you're logged into Facebook as your Facebook business page, it will ask you to continue as your personal page.  You will need to be logged in as your personal Facebook account to set this up, but fear not, you cannot connect BeerMenus to your personal Facebook account. On the next page you will choose your Facebook business page where you want to display the beer menu tab.

Note: it's impossible to add a beer menu tab to your personal page on Facebook.  You will get to select your business page on the next screen.

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Choose the Facebook business page where you'd like to display your beer menu.

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Now customers can click the 'Beer Menu' link to see your full beer selection.  When you update your menu on BeerMenus, it will update here too.

If you don't see 'Beer Menu' at the top of your page...

Click 'More' --> 'Manage Tabs.' Drag 'Beer Menu' to one of the top three spots and click 'Save.'

This will put the 'Beer Menu' link at the top of your Facebook page in a position that's easy for customers to find.

Looking to sync multiple beer menus to one Facebook page?

Email and we can set this up for you.

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